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Great Get Together Pale Ale


We’re proud of getting together.

In the UK, we were proud to have created and be part the Great Get Together Pale Ale. In aid of the Jo Cox Foundation, the beer was brewed to help people across the UK enjoy Great Get Togethers with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and their local community.

A generous collaboration between brewers, makers and suppliers.

Made with the ideals of The Great Get Together in mind, the beer was a work of collaboration. Bringing together brewers and makers - Adnams, Arkells, Cliff Quay, Elgoods, Fullers, Harviestoun, Joseph Holts, Joules, J W Lees, Marstons, Palmers, St Austell, Theakstons, Thornbridge and Woodfordes; and suppliers - Simpsons Malt for the malt, Charles Faram for the hops, OI the glass for the bottles, Colourscan the pump clips for the cask beer. All donating their expertise, time, produce, and support.

All to fund a great foundation.

100 percent of the profits from the Great Get Together Pale Ale went to the Jo Cox Foundation. The Foundation’s work brings together communities across the UK in the spirit of Jo’s words: 

“We have far more in common, than that which divides us.”

Watch this space.

We're working with the Jo Cox Foundation and Adnams Brewery and plan to release a new Great Get Together Beer in 2019!

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